Prismatic is…

Mario Castañeda (Artist/Creative Director)
Drawing, painting, and game development are Mario’s passions. Game development is his medium for conceptualizing and developing rich and innovative experiences. Inspired by nearly 20 years of gaming, Mario’s aspirations for working in the industry run deep.
While Mario’s source for gaming hasn’t strayed far from all things Nintendo, he’s hit the PC scene a couple years ago and has added everything from the HD mainstream to the indie to his library. One of his favorite games today still remains Resident Evil 4, with its cheesy dialog, heated action, and the sprinkling of arcade elements. “Metroidvania” is another genre favorite of Mario’s, mixing 2D platforming, run-and-gunning, and parallax (with which he has a love affair).
When Mario’s not gaming, he’s in Photoshop painting. Many of his works draw inspiration from the Legend of Zelda series, finding that medieval and organic creatures and landscapes are his forte.

Chris Jennewein (Producer/Programmer) holds a Masters in Game Production and Development from the University of Advancing Technology and a BA in Computer Science from Case Western Reserve University. As an iOS developer since 2009, Chris has released one game (ChromaWaves.com) and several apps. He is the prime developer for the high profile apps Answer Underground and iHopla for the education and basketball space, respectively.
As a game producer, Chris has worked on several student projects. He manages his teams with Agile development with Scrum and has been responsible for establishing milestones and deliverables. He has helped produce the mobile game Merchant and the PC game Afflicted which showcased at GDC in March 2013. His final student project, Palio, based on the historic horse race in Siena, Italy, succeeded its Kickstarter goal of $10,000.