The Wii U eShop is really starting to take off. We’ve already played through 6 of the 20 or so indie games available, and there are more games on their way. So who are these developers making these games? How many are actually independent developers and what kind of experience do they have? Let’s look at some stats!

  • All developers on the Wii U eShop have a game on another platform.
  • 5 (of 20) developers are new to Nintendo.
  • Only Shin’en Multimedia, developer of Nano Assault Neo, is exclusive to Nintendo systems.
  • Cloudberry Kingdom is the first game released by Pwnee Studios, the only developer without a prior release.
  • Although Little Inferno is the first release for Tomorrow Corporation, the studio consists of developers from World of Goo and Henry Hatsworth (originally WiiWare and DS games, respectively).
  • Almost half of the developers are relatively new studios with less than 10 games released (see chart below).
  • Most developers of platformers, the most popular genre, have released other platformers.

So where does Prismatic fit in, you might ask? Prismatic is new, and new to Nintendo, but our combined number of games in the past totals 4 from various genres across multiple platforms. We’ve also assembled a small bang-up team of artists and programmers to reach our goal. While we match the majority of Wii U developers, our debut game hopes to fill a less common niche. We’re working hard to bring a new experience to the eShop, and hopefully just one of many to come!


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